Guide to Russian T-64 Tanks in Donbass: Part 1 - (German) (2023)

Guide to Russian T-64 Tanks in Donbass: Part 1 - (German) (1)

In this document, we will try to consolidate all current information about the T-64 tanks operating under various flags in the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts of Ukraine. We are interested mainly in tanks serving bandit units, and not in machines of the Ukrainian army (it is the main battle tank). His appearance was quite unexpected for all the participants and observers of the events. The Russian side was in a hurry to use surprise, calling all the trophies and items from the T-64 tanks "confiscated" by the Ukrainian army. The behavior of the website is very characteristic in this regard. It divides all variants of the T-64 into just two categories: Ukrainian or "militia" tanks. For Losstarmour, there are no Russian tanks in the Ukraine. So it was strange to find the link to such a highly politicized Russian resource in the US arms report.Aresthe consulting company. More about this report here:“Rising Red Flags” Banda 3.)

Therefore, the need to clarify the situation with the mysterious T-64 in the occupied territories of Ukraine was also relevant for us. For me, this specimen became the first tank to be called a "separatist weapon".

Of course, this tank was immediately reported as "confiscated", although it had no markings of the Ukrainian army and no traces of battle. For example, I can show samples of really captured tanks.

As everyone can see, the appearance of a tank captured during battle is quite different from the "parade" appearance of Separatist tanks.

Now the ad. Do I need to mention how these tanks are marked in Losarmour? For example:

It is worth noting that the so-called Novorussia is the first owner of this tank, as well as tanks numbered 5, 7 and 35. In this way, the public is presented with the idea that any suddenly appearing territorial regeneration can be received from an army of battle tanks equipped with main battle tanks out of thin air. If that dot also indicated the country of origin of the tanks, the image would be more visual and have a much different meaning. Then the statistics of destroyed and captured equipment would go from being a terrorist propaganda tool to indisputable proof of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

(Video) Inside the Ukrainian tank brigades holding back a larger, more modern Russian force

What is the problem?

The problem with the military use of the Russian T-64s is the long duration of their maintenance. It was difficult to find combat-capable machines among them, so even tanks from the Eastern Military District were used. The Russian authorities were willing to pay even if they had to be delivered by plane. An IL-76 can carry a tank. According to information from livejournal,T-64s flew on Il-76s from Krasnoyarsk to Rostov Oblast in May 2014. Even stranger, an An-124 was also introduced in October. You can transport 2-3 tanks at a time, but aviation again only transported one tank at a time! On the other hand, each tank was transported in the "straight from heaven to battle" mode. So calculate for yourself how much Russia paid for the opportunity to use it in Ukraine. And the fact that Krasnoyarsk tanks were used in Ukraine has already been proven.

let's get thisFoto de Ilya Artemyevmade by him in 2544ºCBRT (Central Base Technical Reserve) of the RF Army. Although this image is from June 8, 2014, it is very possible that it was taken a little earlier.

Who else will say that the Russian army does not participate in military actions in eastern Ukraine?

And here is a photo of another tank, also from Krasnoyarsk, but also with separatist markings and also in the ATO zone:

Note the right side of the tank: "2131". The four-digit numbers are very specific to Soviet tanks; Therefore, the possibility of a mistake is almost impossible.

But the storage bases of the Russian army are not only the source of supply for the T-64 tanks in the ATO zone. Crimea also contributed to this. In the spring of 2014, the Russian army captured more than 300 such tanks on the peninsula.

There is no doubt that most of these tanks are already fighting in the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts as the main Russian weapon of aggression.

Let's look at the tanks by their serial numbers.

(Video) Russian tanks aren't obsolete. They're being used wrong

Top ten: absolutely Russian

A very simple fact to begin with. There are only two countries in the world that have tanks of this model and can deliver them to the ATO zone: Ukraine (mainly uses these tanks) and Russia (however, it has more than 2000 tanks of this model in stock). not officially registered). At first glance, even the absence of Ukrainian identifiers, such as standard tactical numbers and white stripes, seems to be enough to establish that Russia is the true source of the illegal tanks. But there is other, stronger evidence.

T-64 tanks No. 6, 7 and 8 were identified during their transportation through the Russian Federation as part of a military convoy on the transports of the RF Ministry of Defense.

The very unusual (vertical) mounting of the dynamic reinforcement blocks on the rubber screens makes the identification process very accurate. Also, these two belong to the same group of tanks used by the invading Russian forces:

Therefore, all tanks of bandit formations fighting in Donbass with vertically mounted dynamic armor blocks on the sides of the corps are Russian tanks. But that is not all.

The T-64 tank with registration number 7 already has a Separatist identification number on the lid of the infrared projector while being transported on a trailer through Russian territory (!). So, based on photos and videos, a very simple fact is again proven: the distribution of numbers, and therefore the distribution of tanks to the DNR / LNR terrorist groups, takes place in Russia. This means that the general direction of the "Novorussia" project is carried out in Russia.

In particular, for the entire group of T-64 tanks with blue numbers, one can conclude: they clearly belong to the Russian Federation.

tank no 1

falls on them"Legion of Saint Stephen"Nationalist group from…Hungary? To understand how far Russia is going, I will only say that these "brothers" want the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine.

(Video) Russia’s Marker Robots To Get BAS-80 Kamikaze Drones To Counter Western Tanks In Ukraine War

The participation of Hungarian Nazis in military actions in the Ukraine is highly symptomatic. The Magyars once fought here, albeit with a different partner as part of Army Group South, not against fascism, but for the victory of Nazi Germany. It was therefore astonishing to see Hungarian nationalists (possibly descendants of those early fighters) in the ranks of the Russian "Fighters Against Fascism". It's also unclear what Bezler (Bes) was doing there, but the blue cap in the middle of the photo apparently belongs to him. Russia is the only country that can bring all these people together.
The fate of this tank is unknown.

Tanks No. 2, 3, 4 did not enter the scene, and due to loss and damage, they may never exist.

These numbers may never have been entered, which is also not uncommon for Russian teams in Ukraine. I would like to emphasize this fact for the attention of the reader: the unidentified tanks that participate in battles on the side of the separatists are also Russian. Russian (and Soviet) army regulations do not require the affixing of Russian symbols to military equipment. Although the T-64 tanks with the blue numbers 2, 3 and 4 did not enter the scene, their loss is confirmed by the introduction of reinforcements. T-72 with the corresponding numbers appeared towards Mariupol at the end of the summer, as well as No. 5, which became a trophy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This is another important moment indicating the centralized supply of the Russian territory. Dropout numbers (destroyed or captured) are assigned to the closest tanks. They can be both T-72 and T-64.

T-64 FEMALE. 5, 6, 7

These tanks did not take part in the battles, but were captured and shown to the whole world during the trophy exhibition of weapons in kyiv.

But tank #7 is still working:

However, the Russian military arrangement could not work well without a lucky "seven". And such a white "7" in the picture.

(Video) How Ukraine's Tank Forces are Organized & Equipped

# 8

It was apparently destroyed. Russia sent a T-72B in return, as it should:

# 9

It is not known what happened to the blue number 9. But Russia also found a replacement:

# 10

Let's take a picture of Ilya Artemyev from the year 2544ºCBRT (Central Base Technical Reserve) of the RF Army. base is subordinate to the headquarters of the Russian Federation - this small fragment of the document dedicated to the activities of this base testifies to this.

“I braced myself for the roar of the 600hp engines, the noise of the tracks, the creaking of the landing gear, everything… And here it's almost like the birds are singing! Aleksey Kotov, whom I followed to the repair areas, explained: This is an armored vehicle storage base, not an alert border zone unit. The latter have such excess noise. The main functions of the Kozuli Base are to maintain the combat readiness of the reserve team and the immediate fulfillment of the orders of the headquarters. In the event of war, this unit is intended to prepare and send the necessary number of tanks and other armored vehicles to where the superior officer indicates them within a strictly determined period.. The rails reach the concrete ramps of the equipment bays. From here, the already full tanks of fuel, oil and lubricants are charged with fresh batteries on the open platforms and from there they can go anywhere.Therefore, no one has canceled combat duty here." (

Preliminary results

Examination of the first ten T-64 separatist tanks leaves no doubt that not only the separatists, but also the Russian army are in the ATO zone. The adventurism of the "Russian world", code-named "Novorussia", enjoys the support of Russian citizens. They pay for this not only with the devaluation of the ruble, but also with empty store shelves. The Russian government will also be responsible for destroying a neighboring country and killing Ukrainian citizens to the fullest extent of international law.

(с) This video was created exclusively for video surveillance expert Al attribution is required when using this information.

(Video) Russian Report: "Ukrainian Tactics are Hit & Run"

Translated by Andrii Gryganskyi.



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